Why my create row in action values not working for other users

Have attached screenshot of my create row pre defined values not working for other login users.

It’s hard to figure out what you are expecting to see based on these screenshots. The ones of the order page look the same to me. You’d be better off with a video, or explain what you expect to see and highlight on the screenshot where you expect to see it.


What im poiting is,in my login i have created a buttton to order,creating that order in order table
with a column as order status as “new order” and when i tested with the other login user which was highlighted in the screenshot not creating the order status as new order when an order is made.why?

The order created at 23,24,25,26 row not writing new order text.But after i created(my login) the row 27 writing new order text in order status column.why other logis not creating ?


That’s bizarre. I have two speculations:

  1. Did you publish your app to make certain the other user has the most recent app?

  2. I once actually published changes, and the other user (on IOS) was still logged into the app and never saw my changes until she shut the app down and started it up again. Not logged out; physically shut it down on her device.

The other thing you might try is in the builder, set your “viewing as” to the other user and see if you can duplicate the problem in the builder. Actually, I would try this first, and that might get you the answer to my two ideas above…

That’s a user specific column. You aren’t going to see the value unless you are viewing as that user.

Yes,you are right.i can see that column filled with new order if i views as that login user.may i know why?what should i do for not to happen like that.

Gave email as row owner,can i remove it.

@Jeff_Hager has the answer – change that column to not be user-specific (you will need to add a new column that is not user-specific, and then modify your objects and actions to look at that new column. Then you can remove the old column.


ok.But im changing manually the order status after the new order.i changed to order in progress,order delivered like that.

whether i should need the column to be user specific or not ?

My concern is how can i see all the orders with that order status?
with my login i can see mine
with others login i can see that in editor
how to see everyone’s order with a login ?

Don’t use a user special column of the value is meant to be seen by multiple people.

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