Why is there an extra choice added unless I make the choice required?

If I do not use “Required” as an option, I have a 3rd Choice (which is blank). But if do say the Choice is “Required” I have only 2 Choices (which was my intention). I would like to have 2 Choices without it being a “Required” Choice.
Any thoughts as to why? Is this a bug?

It’s so you can in unselect a choice. Otherwise you are stuck with whatever is picked. When it’s required, then you are expected to choose something, so there is no need to unselect.


Thanks, @Jeff_Hager. But I want the whole question to not be “Required” - ie. the user does not have to answer - not the Choices. How do I do this?

What if they accidentally pick a choice? The extra option is so they can unselect it.