Why is the welcome text truncated now?

My app’s URL: https://apfvbeta1.glideapp.io/ or demo.aperaf.com (pro app)

Since the past few days, the welcome text on my apps become truncated when displaying on the log in screen ?
Is it an update or a bug ? Because it is kind of annoying if we could write no more than 6 words now.

Thanks for your reply.

Had the same,… I went with a shorter text.
But if we could actually build up this screen with our own elements :slight_smile: that would be golden!

Is there any comment about this topic?
Need help please

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For reference:

@Adrianne_Ngam did we make this design change, to limit to one line?

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Looks like everything is back to normal.
Thanks !


Hello, instead of starting a new thread, I thought I’d add my comment here. This has happened twice now. Items which did NOT have the ‘truncate text’ option on suddenly have that option checked. Here is an example. I just logged in to look at my app and these two items were both truncated and I unchecked one and took a screenshot before unchecking the second. It’s annoying because the first line is only one word, and the truncated option adds this “more” option off to the side.

I am definitely not turning this on. Has anyone else seen this recently?