Why am I experiencing such inconsistency with the API?

I can’t reliably post to set columns of my data tables. On random occasions, nothing shows up, even though the response is code 200 exactly like when it actually is successful and data is posted.

What am I doing wrong? Here’s an example of my request:

      "columnValues": {
        "0tAAp": "8ccc7fe569d6d66455cebd5070d3500ff6c8172f",
        "lUkz0": "2023-12-11T16:30Z",
        "9RlYm": "9ZiX6zYRYb6YjVwU361TdQsx5DmVDthF",
        "qgM0F": ""

The data request for the post is consistent, if I had to guess, I’m experiencing about 50% success, and then 50% random unexplained failure. Is there anything I should be checking/configuring before I raise a ticket?

Is anyone experiencing the same issue, are there any things I can be watching out for as for causes?

I’ve seen a handful of reports of this issue, although I’ve never experienced it myself. And I do use the API extensively.

Did you end up submitting a support ticket?
I’d be very interested to learn the outcome.

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I haven’t yet, I was hoping to learn it was my misuse. It’s even strange when sometimes it will post partial data!

I’ll submit a ticket in time and post updates here.

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@Adam_Crossley I just reread and noticed this comment. Are you sure it’s not a data type mismatch?
For example, if you tried to update the value in a Number type column with a string value, I would expect that to fail silently.