Where did the special value components go?

I can’t see the option of adding special value components (user email address) in my menu of components. I’ve refreshed my app and looked through the list several times. Wierd!

They didn’t go anywhere. You have always only been able to add them on Add, Edit, or Form screens. If this isn’t the case for you, please show us.

now i’m afraid its right in front of me and i can’t see it in plain sight. But i checked again. see screenshots. let me know what i’m missing. hope the screenshot is clear enough.

You are not looking at an Add, Edit, or Form screen. That’s a Detail screen.

I disagree, I believe that’s the add component screen.

You have to check the Allow Users to Edit box before the special value component options appear. It’s the same thing with Add. The magically appear but only when needed.

The edit pencil is showing, so that means it’s a detail view. Otherwise you would see a checkmark/add/submit button on the top right. Looks like editable components were added to a detail view. That mean whenever a value is changed in a single component, it is changed in real time on the sheet. You aren’t using a the submit button to confirm changes, and because of this, there is no way to capture the special values.

That was it. I was using a detail screen as my main screen for the tab. Detail screen does not allow new entries to be added which is why the special components were not showing up. Thankyou @Jeff_Hager, @Les_Henderson, @Tim_Sullivan, @david for helping me through this!


It was actually @Jeff_Hager that had the solution.

On that note, I’ve noticed that a few of us are using the wrong post to declare an answer solved.

Let’s perhaps all try a little harder to give credit where due and make sure the actual answer is posted at the top, attached to the query.

It’s a team effort, but I see what you’re saying @Les_Henderson :wink:

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