Where are my apps?

I have an unfinished app but already someone had looked at it and pointed that I have to change the picture ? Where can all these applications be found when anyone can find them ??
How does this really work?

Was it someone from the community or someone else? Have you posted any links or screenshots that may contain the url to your app?

If you were contacted by someone that owns or hosts the image, it’s more likely that your app was pulling the image directly from their domain. That is trackable to them and they can usually see the domain (your app url) that’s using the image.

Hi, yes it seems to be someone from your community when you comment on my picture? The situation did not have an associated image because the application is “beta ver”? So I wonder how this release really happens when who can share these apps ??? Who can usually see these unfinished apps?

This means that the person has access to your app and used the feedback function in your app to send you this.

I have a free-ver? Isn’t that someone in your community, or is anyone getting there? This one just wonders? How does this work properly, can someone outside see the app before I give any permission?

It does not necessarily mean that somebody from this forum community accessed your app. It means that it could have been anybody in the world that visited your app url and like @ThinhDinh mentioned, they used the feedback function within your app.

Unless you have a private pro subscription or a password on the app, it’s still publicly accessible and anybody can sign in. Somebody could have guessed your url, or you accidentally shared the url or enough information for somebody to figure it out.

The email in your screenshot is your email. Are you sure that you didn’t leave yourself the feedback?


As Jeff said, it does look like it’s your own email. Did you try the feedback function in your app at any point?


Hey, is it like you say? I guess a long time ago I tried to try recovery ?? Sorry! Thank you.
I wonder how this release really happens when anyone can share these apps ??? Who usually sees these unfinished apps and where can they be seen?

The only way somebody will see your app is if you share the url, or somebody happens to guess your url, or somehow it gets indexed in a search engine. I have figured out the url of some apps just from the name of the app, or the information that a user shared, or the screenshots that users have shared publicly. It’s a public url that lives on the internet, so it’s possible that it can be discovered in many ways by anybody. There isn’t a public list of all glide apps.


Thanks Jeff ! I now understand that an app creates its own URL when I start building it? When the app is ready will I share it with a user e.g. by entering a phone number? Can this new user reshare it, or can I change the settings so that there is only access?

Only when you publishes it, an URL will be generated, and it is a random one, you can change it to whatever you want it to be.

People can share the URL I mentioned above, but for access, there are many ways to limit it. The easiest way, if you only have some beta testers, is to set all tabs visibility conditions to only show to those emails. Other people can log in but they can’t see what’s in there.


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