Wheel Spin - HELP!

Hi Gliders,

Note, I have users and teams configured and screen are displayed per team:
I have been working on a spin the wheel screen, using @Robert_Petitto dice tutorial, i modified to work with a spin, however since the spin needs to work so that all team members see the same outcome, the ‘Single value’ ‘random’ function does not work. Cause when i view the results from another app with a different user (same team) , it shows a completely different result, i would like to save the random value generated.


Best you could probably do is write the single value random number to a “Latest spin” column that’s visible to the entire team.

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How could i write it to another column? i tried using IF column but it does not work.

Also there is nothing that really triggers the randomness, it just when the screen refreshes.

As part of the “Spin” button, do a reshuffle action and then write the random number value to a lastSpinValue column using set column action. If you’re only allowing one spin a day, make sure you also write the timestamp to a lastSpinOn column so you can check against it for visibility conditions.


Thanks Rob. it works like a charm, i was even able to set a view for the game master screen.

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