🕒 What timezone is the Glide "TODAY" feature in?

In my app, I have 8 habit buttons (inline list with action set for add row) that resets daily.

I do this by using an if-> then-> else formula that compares the last entry date to today (using glide’s “today” condition comparison feature). If it is TRUE (last entry date = today) it is complete, if False it is not complete. If complete, it will not allow the button to write another row until the next day when the condition becomes FALSE. Also that same if->then->else sets the button’s color…gray if not complete, yellow if complete. This has the effect that at midnight the button turns gray and shows it is reset and ready for the next day.

My problem is that there are different users in different timezones and i’d like the buttons to reset to gray daily at midnight for each user based on their timezone. Does anyone know if the “today” comparison in Glide tailor this comparison to the user’s device so that if someone is EST see’s it it reset at 12am EST and someone in PST see’s it reset at 12am PST?

TODAY should be calculated based on the user’s local timezone (or the time set on their device).


it’s the zone you have set on your device