What language(s) is Glide Apps and Pages written in?

Coding language, obviously. I’m trying to create iFrame embed.

To embed my Glide App elsewhere, NOT to embed an external site into my Glide App/page.

I believe they use typescript to build Glide, but that should be irrelevant. Iframe embedding is supported on business and enterprise plans, but you have to contact support if you want them to flip the switch so your app can be embedded in another website. Once that’s done you just embed the url to your app. The language that Glide uses shouldn’t have any bearing on that



Thanks @Jeff_Hager, helpful as always.

Reading this gives me the impression Glide lets you embed external sites INTO your Glide site, but makes no mention of embedding the Glide site onto an EXTERNAL site. Can anyone confirm/clarify this?

I’ll look into typescript angles too.

WebEmbed and Iframe Embedding are two different things.

  • Web Embed is to embed external sites into Glide apps.
  • Iframe Embedding is to embed Glide apps into other websites.
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Don’t overthink it. Embedding an iframe into a website is just a single line of HTML code using iframe tags. You don’t have to write complicated scripting to do any of that.


Ah hah! There it is. Big help as usual @Jeff_Hager thank you.

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