What is your ideal Free plan for Personal and Community use?

Understood, that makes a lot of sense, that’s really generous of Glide, thanks for the clarification. In that case, I assume personal apps fall into a certain number of categories, among which:

  • Keeping on ongoing list of things. Eg. Recipes, workouts, activities, points and scores, investments, etc. Here, individuals probably run out of rows more than anything. Needed: more rows.

  • Creating an app for a small community of friends or family. Here even more than above, the limits are probably reached quickly: storage for images, row count, and especially row count if comments/chat is implemented. Needed: image storage management, more rows, excluding row count from comments collection.

  • One-time calculator or generator apps for oneself. Eg. Tip calculators, ChatGPT generators where the results are not meant to be saved, etc. The Free plan is great for these. More components would be nice.

In general, more components would be welcome. From most to least needed for the Free plan:

  • Image gallery component
  • Icon component, or ability to add an icon in the text or headline components.
  • Alert text component, or ability to close a hint text component by hitting an x.
  • Tabs component
  • Accordion component
  • More display options (especially chips) for the in-app filter on collections
  • Counter component
  • Countdown component
  • A few more design options for the progress component (rainbow, radial)
  • Timeline component or collection
  • Translation / Language picker component
  • Login component
  • Menu component
  • Data components: filter and search

(It would be nice if the colors in the components panel were consistent across screen types.)




To be honest, I still don’t understand why the excellent and useful Web Embed component is not part of the free plan features.

Does this component incur any cost/fee to Glide when used? I don’t think so.

It’s a great hook to bring new developers (medium/advanced) to Glide and try things out of the ordinary.

Feliz día @DJP

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Let me think aloud at bit: I would like to see all features on the free plan plus a generous data allowance.

My reasoning:

The more is on the free plan, the wider the word about Glide can spread. The easier it is to just do another app with Glide. The bigger the investment into the platform. The harder to switch. The higher the urge to tell others about it to justify one‘s own growing investment. The higher the probability to do a business app with it - and pay.
I‘m experiencing this with Notion and Craft. The lure of the generous free plan😁

But where to draw the line? Personal vs business app? That sounds about right. If apps earn money you want to get a piece of the pie.
If they don‘t, you want to be paid with great reviews, word of mouth, enthusiasm, feedback, data.

The distinction would be easy if apps would always make their money thru you. But they don‘t. So, how to distinguish between business and personal apps?

I think several criteria need to be balanced:

  • team size: business apps are developed by a team, personal apps just by 1 person
  • user base: business apps are developed for many users, personal apps for just a few
  • integrations: businesses are using other services like Asana or Salesforce, but people outside of businesses are still interested in services in general
  • data volume: business apps tend to require/produce more data than personal apps
  • app size: business apps tend to have a larger number of screeens for all the different use cases of their many users

So, here‘s my take: Make everything free for personal apps forever. And define personal apps as…

  • only 1 team member/dev
  • max. 11 (number of players in a soccer team😁 who could all be the developers friends)
  • max. 3 user roles
  • only 1 integration with predefined services like Asana where you make it easy to call them
  • other REST calls should be possible, but maybe rate limited (above a certain rate charge for them like OpenAI does for the GPT API; even a single dev might want to pay for that if it amounts to 3 or 7 dollars a month)
  • limit data to eg 5 GB or 50000 rows. But be generous😉
  • limit the number of screens to maybe 10


  • no custom domain
  • always Glide branded

In any case: don‘t limit any feature to a paid plan! A feature used on a personal app (or business app experiment) might be what later leads to a plan upgrade.

I believe in the generous free plan to make it most easy to attract a lot of people - which increases the likelihood of a conversion into a paying customer.:money_mouth_face:

Anyway, I am so glad I have came across Glide! An exciting tool striking a great balance between power and ease of use.


After using Glide for three years, I have changed in experimenting projects elsewhere.

Main reason was the strip out of functions . I understand Glide’s business-only focus for more ROI for investors.

But I personally regret that for volunteers/organisations (sports clubs) it has become an overpriced platform with limited features