"What is this #@& Relation for ?!?"

Hi, do you sometimes happen to forget what one of your relation - lookup - template etc column has been built for among your dozens of columns?
(knowing that, as newbies, we sometimes test multiple approaches, but when it works, we don’t dare deleting anything!)
-> Would be useful to be able to do as in Excel and see the various sheets/screens linked to our columns…


Or maybe even just a “column comment”?

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You’re basically describing my app and it’s hundreds of columns.

I’m about to embark on an task where I log every column displayed in the data editor (in a separate spreadsheet likely).
Then I’m going to go through every column and look at what (if any) other columns it is dependent on and mark that somehow on the log…
Then I’m going to go through every screen of my app one by one, and look at the visibility and filtering conditions of every component as well as all variable fields and mark every component using any column on that log…
Then I’m going to color code all columns that should be grouped together… then move them next to each other in that log…
Then I’m going to add any proposed new names to columns in that log…
Then any column in that log that isn’t related to any other column and isn’t being used in any of the app components I’m going to delete from the data editor…
Then I’m going to match the color-coded groupings I created in the log in the data editor…
Then I’m going to rename all of the columns I identified for renaming in the data editor…

I’m calling this Spring Cleaning, because I expect to be finished with this task sometime in the spring. :wink:

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Spring of what year :slight_smile: ??

By the way, for each of my tab, I have a “Sheet Comment” column which I always let at the top end, and where I enter the key points of the sheet in row 1 (… of course, sometimes I forget to fill it in…)



I hear you. I’ve started keeping a doc for each project that basically lists out my relations/templates/etc and their purpose. Would be stellar if there was something built in. kind of like //commenting out

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@Mark , a question: when we delete some “relation & co” columns, we sometimes have an error message saying that it cannot be deleted since it is linked to something.
I assume that Glide has therefore all the information structured & workflowed (cf. error message); if true, is it only a ‘display matter’? In the column menu, in addition to “edit | delete”, there could have a “diagnose” sub-menu displaying the linked columns instead of the error message




Yeah. That would be very nice.