What is the technical difference between Glide Apps vs Glide Pages

a. What I understood is that Glide pages is better in terms of UI, i.e. has more aesthetics. But what technically differentiates Pages from Apps, in terms of loading speed, cache?

b. What are the cons of Glide Pages as compared to Glide Apps?

we use both. our main app is on classic (apps). the rest are pages (whats now called apps)

seems that pages is better in terms of loading speed & performance and probably everything else. Also pages has all the integrations & actions editor etc… so not really a matter of choice anymore. You have to go to pages if you wish to use the full power of Glide to build apps.

on the other hand, our main app is on apps (classic). the reason for that is we are struggling to get the same design on pages (lists) in addition to a few other components which haven’t been migrated to pages yet.


Anyone wants to add more?

What more are you looking for?

I think I’d echo the comments from @abdo. There is really no reason to create a classic App now, unless there is a specific feature that you must have now. Whatever technical differences there may be are basically irrelevant. Classic Apps are on the way out.

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