What is the proper steps to share 2 apps that point to the same data sheet?

I have 2 apps (that serve two separate roles) that share a single data source. I developed the first application with a new Google Sheet and then developed a second app that uses that existing data sheet. They both share the same data but have different UIs and perform different functions and do so really well.

Now I want to share this App combo with the world and provide the proper directions to duplicate the template along with the data source template and then also to add the second app and point that application to the same data source as the first one.

Sharing a single data source but having multiple mobile UI’s is super useful and works really well with Glide in my tests. I really want to share what I have with others and allow them to do the same for themselves (i.e. Have them copy both App templates and both share the same data sheet as both of my apps do).

Any suggestions on how I can publish two apps which are complimentary and meant to share the same data source?


Not sure we have an easy way to do that, because they can only duplicate your 2 apps and when they do so they receive 2 different spreadsheets (as copies).

Any chance you can merge them into one and set some kind of tab visibility?


You can use User Profile then you can let each user different role and function. https://docs.glideapps.com/all/reference/privacy-and-per-user-data/user-profiles#using-the-user-profiles-table

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Thank you for the quick responses. I think I’m going to take the approach you suggest. Combining the two apps into one and then control the visibility via apps using profiles does seem like the way to get the same bang for my buck but with a single app.

Thanks again for the suggestions.


You can classify user into group and assign tab filter for each group of user.

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I also want to have two apps using the same spreadsheet, but I can’t merge them in a single app because one app needs to be public with signin and the other one totally public.

Any solution in mind?


Duplicate one app, pointing to the sheet and design the duplicate app as necessary.

Or, change the source sheet on the second app to whichever sheet you are using for the original app.

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