What is the point of "Row Owner"?

I know the use for is to limit the visible rows to just those created by the logged-in user but I’ve just been doing this with filtered list. I have hidden fields to add the logged-in users email to each new row.

It seems that with a “row owner” you limit your options. In other words, lets say it’s a sales team and you want reps to only see their own records but perhaps there is an admin or management that will want to see all. It seems using “row owner” you’d lose that functionality.

Sorry if it seems a dumb question but can someone let me know the advantage of using row owner rather than just filter list views?

It’s a security feature. Row Owners does more than just hide data from view, it prevents it from being downloaded to the users device altogether.

You can have more than one row owner column. In a case like this, you could add the admin/managers email addresses as additional row owners. If it’s a private pro app, you can also use roles as row owners.

It’s all about security and protecting sensitive/private data from prying eyes. Applying filters/visibility conditions is “security through obscurity”, which is not really security at all. Good enough if security isn’t really a concern, but not if you need to keep data secure.


On top of the security benefits take this example… 100k Users each with one row of data.

Using a filter - All 100k rows would first need to be downloaded to the user device and only then it would filter down to one row. (This would make the app very slow or not usable at all)

Using Row Owners - Each of the 100k users would only download 1 row of data to his or her device (Making the app very fast and usable) :+1:


Ah, I see! I didn’t really think about multiple row owners and also by role. I’ll give that a go. Thanks!

That makes sense, Eric. I didn’t realize that it actually keeps the info from syncing, just thought it was effectively a filter itself. Thanks for that clarification.

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