What is my limit?

Outside my apps
I see that I have 2k rows of limit

Inside my app I see

What´s my limit? Thx

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You have earned 500 rows for your free apps. You can get up to 2,000 rows if you share a referral link to Glide.

Right now you only have 500 rows per free app.


Thx David I thought I´ve already earned 2K, unfortunately no.
The next level of plans is $12 USD I guess.

Just for me understand.
My app is for helping people. Basically an eletronic board that people post their bills and other pay or make a donation. a matchmaking between who needs to who can help.

Do u think that USD 12 is recommended ? I dont know that users, most of them.
I created this project, created a Insta account and people are replicating or spreading or going viral (I dont know the right word in English)

so I don’t know how many users I’ll have. what u suggest?
Thx in advance

The fact is now I need more row today.

The Basic plan is not $12 per user - it’s just $12 per month for the app. It doesn’t matter how many users. If you just need more rows then the basic plan should be fine. That will get you 5000 rows. Once you get past that you may need to look at one of the pro plans.

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Perfect! Darren, thx so much. I’m gonna try to pay $12 although it´s a social project and I didnt earn anything. I don´t how long it will take to reach 5k of row. btw we already pay 9k BRL or 1.6k USD around.

Thx again for your prompt reply

Maybe you could use this same approach to pay for the app. Something like a very small percentage from each donation is used to fund the app?

Just a thought…