What is best way to manage photos

In my APP, I plan to allow users to share their photos and would like some suggestions on he best way to do this

  1. in the Pro APP we are allowed 10GB of space…is there an option to pay for additional space and what is the cost like?

  2. using the image picker component, is there a way to limit the file size?

  3. is there a way to integrate a photo compression when the user upload the image?

Much appreciated your suggestions.

This is the closest workaround we have right now.

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thanks Thinh



Continuing question on this topic…

In pro APP we have 10GB of storage…how do we check storage is still available?

I don’t think there are any sorts of notification right now but David said they will show this in the editor in the future.

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Adding to this, while the images are compressed to speed up the display to users, the original image’s size will still count toward your 10GB. If you have a lot of photos being uploaded, it can still chew through your space.

Ive seen the Cloudinary workaround. Based on their plans its free for up to 25GB, but jumps to $49-$89/month for more space, quite pricey.

Does anybody know if its easier to implement auto uploading to Cloudinary with the new Plugins?

Another workaround I believe is for users to add an image link, which appears to not consume any storage as the image is being hosted somewhere else. Of course, if the image isnt somewhere else already then this wouldn’t be ideal.

I don’t think so…

Easiest way is you set up an Integromat/Zapier scenario to upload every new image in your app to Cloudinary, then replace the Glide link with Cloudinary, it will help “deleting” the Glide storage I think.

@Joe_Gabriele maybe you’re referring to this post in relation to auto upload. Please notice that you can compress the image before putting it in cloudinary which means you can have a lot of images

@Krivo At the beginning I tried with integromat. But you tutorial is much better. Thanks a lot for your tips.