What can I do with location parameters

What can I do with location parameters?

Ex: I have the orders from customer,I’m getting the location from location component which is saved to the orders row.From this location parameters,I need to deliver the product.

1.how to achieve this?
2.i manually put those parameters in google map it shows a wrong place.why?

How are you putting them in Google maps? You should be able to use a map component to show the location in the app, and then set an action to open the map into Google maps. I think you can also set an action on a button, for example, to open in Google maps. Are you trying to build a url yourself? I don’t think you should need to do that.

The thing is I’m getting the location parameters by location component
for different users . I need to locate the place with the help of map.is it possible?

Yes, use either method I mentioned above. I was just trying to understand how you are doing it now to get a wedding location on the map.

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