What are the Privacy settings that yield this specific condition?

  • Publically accessible, but only users in the users table can sign-in

And does this condition mean that anyone with a link to the app can get to the sign-in page, but only those in the user table can get into the app?

I’m not sure that I understand what exactly “accessible” and “sign-in” means in this context.

Publicly accessible means that anybody with the link can access the app and view any contents that are publicly visible without signing in. If parts of your app require a user to be signed in, then setting it to only allow users in the user table will only allow those users with matching emails, that are already in the user table, to be able to sign in.

So this means that you can set your app to public, but only allow certain users to sign in if you have content that can only be viewed by certain users.


Got it. Thank you.
I’ve got my app set as Private, but I’m noticing that in my usage, it reflects more public users than private. Any idea why this might be happening?

I do have two published projects, but one is merely a Copy of the other that I’ve been using as a sandbox to test changes (because my app is live).
The usage of the Copy is minimal, and it is also set to Private.

Those numbers reset every month. Was your App set as Public at any stage in the past few weeks?


Plus, I only invited folks to the app three days ago (12/7) and the settings definitely have not changed since then.