Weird Behaviour With Horizontal Card Lists

there is this very weird behaviour when i tested the horizontal list on mobile.
this list is a fundamental part of my app and i expect it to behave properly:
Video Here
when i start swiping to the right it swipes, but when i swipe to the other direction it takes me back to the previous page as you can see in the video. and sometimes when swiping normal to the right i need to swipe one or two times for it to start swiping.
its really a problem and i don’t want my users to go back and forth to select some items
issue 2: when using group by option: the group title should align perfectly with the see more option. this also needs to be fixed urgently.

The swipe screen to the right gesture acts as a go back action, which is problematically similar to the swipe right to scroll the horizontal collection. Anytime you’re on a screen that has a back button, that could be an issue. I find that swipe right gesture to go back to be problematic at times too, particularly on forms or edit screens where user inputs are lost with an accidental swipe back. Similar and aggravating are accidental swipe downs that close slide in screens.

The misalignment on the “see all” appears to be an artifact of how “see all” is lowered on regular collections… On those non grouped collections, “see all” is below the title because the right side in line with title is reserved for actions. But on grouped lists, there are no actions on the group title, so I see what you mean. It would be nice for “see all” to be in line with group title.


Exactly, is there a way to disable this back button
Or any other solution might fix this issue?

Not that I know of. I think I’d be happy if the swipe right to go back, and swipe down to close gestures were disabled completely by Glide. The back arrow and close x buttons imo are sufficient.

On mobile for your show new screen target try ‘Overlay’

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Oh there’s an option. I generally don’t prefer overlays… I like the back arrow rather than the x on mobile… but you’re right that is a solution for this issue!

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I didn’t try that, i will try it and let you know