We'd like to select candidates by tag so they appear below

We’d like to select candidates by tag so they appear below. I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to make multiple selections so that candidates that meet the conditions appear.

It’s quite straightforward and there are a couple of ways to do this.

I would propose an If then else column.

You will then set a number of tests that will result in a ‘false’ value:

If Candidate_Region
Is not included in
‘selected regions’
then ‘False’

If Candidate_Gender
Is not included in
‘selected genders’
then ‘False’


With a final value

else ‘True’

In this way, the If Then Else column will flag whether or not the candidate is a valid choice (True) or invalid (False). You can then filter your list of candidates showing only candidates where the value is True.

I use the If Then Else type, but it doesn’t work, so I’m asking. Could you recommend a template? Or if you have a reference video or link, please do so.

Before suggesting another approach have you tried the in-app filter on the EUME collection under options?

Yes, by the way. It’s a bit difficult to select in a small window by clicking on the small icon.

One way is with an if-then-else for each choice category. Make the source of the screen the users profile. Starting with the region. Create a split text column and target the region choice. Add a relation from the Region to the new split text region.

Assuming your choices are held in the users profile your if then else should look like…

If user profile → region choice → is empty → true

If rel selected region → is not empty → true

Else → false

Add a filter to your collection where region if then else is true.

And another filter to the screen where email is signed in user.

Try this one: