Webview (iframe) with geolocation

@Robert_Petitto I think I read a thread where you mentioned having lost a client due to the basic map features.

Would something like what @Purvang_Joshi did here work for you/your client?

Thanks for thinking of me. It wasn’t a map the customer needed but rather an address lookup from a keyword (like Eiffel Tower) or an autocomplete verified address from a portion

1600 Pennsylvania Ave → 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500

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@Purvang_Joshi Thanks for sharing. Setting up a GCP project is at the moment a bit of a challenge for me. Lots of things to do before it can be used. Might look at it at a later stage.

Does all the users need to use a google account to use the map - or is that not the case. What about the users accept to privacy policy that Google seems to want you to upload. Is there a pop-up box where the user must accept that privacy policy.

I didn’t show the template component before i going to try use iframe inside the template.

Thanks !

I tried with that method and i’m with the same problem.

The iframe add sandbox and don’t add allow=“geolocation” i supposed that method replace the iframe with sandbox and replace with my iframe.


Setting up a GCP account and obtaining a key is less then 5 Mins. It’s so simple and free too.
Embed Maps APIs are always free to use.

Your App users doesn’t require any google account. Google Maps will be always shown whether it’s logged in or not. I don’t think privacy policy need here.

Let me know if you need any help regarding GCP Setup.

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Hey, You should try with location component.
Use returned value as origin of map. It should work.
Also, using “Current+Location” line in origin is acceptable, but it’ll show based on ISP based location.

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@Purvang_Joshi I might a bit of help. Got stock - have to supply privacy policy etc. Any videos on how to do?

Go to https://console.cloud.google.com/

Create a new project or select existing one.

Search ’ Maps Embed API’ and open that.

Now, Click Enable.

Then Search ‘Credentials’ and open that.

Create Credentials → API Key


Well, I hit the wall where I need to input info about Oauth etc. That is why I have kept asking for more info. Thanks for your patience.

You’ve to open Master page of credentials. Search term credentials and then you’ll see create key.

Thanks for sharing this man!

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I sent email to support to try add allow=“geolocation”

I made that component with real time geolocation and I want to use my own component but if I couldn’t, I will use your solution.

Thank you!

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The support team response to me, soon they will include allow=“geolocation” tag in iframes @Purvang_Joshi your iframe with Google Maps could receive the real time location soon :slight_smile:


That’s great :blush::grinning:

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Hey Bob - did you find a way to run a look up ‘autocomplete verified address from a portion’?

Kind of:

Thinh, do you think this map option could potentially work instead?

I don’t think so. I might not get the full picture here but not sure how you view the details of a location in Glide when you embed this.

hmm, like you don’t think I would be able to click on the pins on the map and view the profiles of those businesses if I’m viewing in google maps?