Webhook Not Recognizing Make's URL


I’m trying to create an automation using Glide’s Webhook, but when I type Make’s Webhook URL on Glide, it doesn’t let me save it and use it:

What am I doing wrong?

Difficult to tell from your screenshot, but are you pasting the full URL, or just the hook ID?

You need to paste the full URL.

Hi Darren!

I’m pasting the ID that Make gives me. I’ve copied it in the past and it had worked :man_shrugging:t4:

I don’t know how that could possibly work. How would Glide know the difference between a Make webhook and any other webhook?

Please try pasting the full URL. That should work.

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When you say the full URL what do you mean?

This is what Make gives me:

I’m sorry I can’t make it bigger, but that address in blue reads “31ku8cakh9cj9temcr6naq966mdoapak@hook.eu1.make.com” (I’ll be using a different one after I resolve this of course).

Isn’t that the full URL?

I apologize.

I just realize that I was using the wrong trigger on Make: instead of custom webhook, I was using custom Mailhook…

My bad.

Thanks for your help any ways Damian!

As long as you click on the “Copy address to clipboard” button, you should get the full link.

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In the context of Make (formerly Integromat), a webhook is a trigger that starts a scenario when a specific event happens on a website that is integrated with Make. For example, a webhook could be set up to trigger a scenario when a new record is added to a Google Sheets spreadsheet, or when a new product is added to an e-commerce website, or in this case, a payload from Glide.

A mailhook, on the other hand, is a trigger that starts a scenario when an email is received on an email address that is integrated with Make. Any new emails sent to the integrated email address will be forwarded to the mailhook. For example, a mailhook could be set up to trigger a scenario when an email is received on a specific email address, such as a support@ or info@ email address. It can be used to automatically process incoming emails and take actions based on their contents, such as creating a new task in a project management tool or updating a spreadsheet.

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