Web clipper extensions in Glide

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I have installed the web clipper extension in Airtable in order to extract Linkedin profile data ( with whom we have a relationship ) .

  1. Is there a web clipper that can do the same action in glide and how to proceed?

  2. If not…
    Is it possible to have a button in glide that points to the Airtable table (where the Linkedin data I collect is stored) to manually activate my Airtable web clipper?

  3. If anyone has another solution, please let me know!

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Bonjour à tous,
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J’ai installé l’extension web clipper dans Airtable afin d’extraire des données de profil Linkedin ( avec qui nous sommes en relation ) .

  1. Est-ce qu’il existe un web clipper qui peut faire la même action dans glide et comment procéder ?

  2. Si pas…
    Est-ce qu’il est possible d’avoir un bouton dans glide qui pointe un accès vers la table Airtable ( ou se trouvent les données Linkedin que je récolte ) pour manuellement activer mon web clipper Airtable

  3. Si quelqu’un à une autre solution, proposition, c’est top !

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Do you mean what the extension does is to:

  • Scrape the data from LinkedIn (be careful with this, your account might be banned)
  • Then adds it as a new row in Airtable?

I doubt something like that can be reproduced in Glide, but maybe they utilized the Airtable API, and if that’s the case, we might be able to do it with the Glide API.

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I am retrieving my customers data only ( my contacts ) for our crm. It is an extension installed on chrome and works with Airtable extensions.

So you want to do the same for Glide by putting those fields to a new row in Glide Tables? Is there a reason you don’t connect the linked Airtable directly to Glide?

No, there’s no particular reason, but it’s true that I could activate the Airtable extension via my chrome browser, receive my data in airtable and link this data to glide. That might be easier.

But the idea and what I’d really like to have is a button in glide that lets me activate the web clipper extension via the glide interface, because if I’m on my mobile I have to leave my interface and go to a web browser. it’s not very logical.

I’m not sure what your experience would be on this part.

Since you would be browsing in a Glide App, I assume, how do you activate the extension and expect it to know the URL to scrape?

All in all, I doubt that would be easy though. In my mind what can be done, assuming you can find a service/an API that offers the same thing is:

  • Button in Glide to trigger a webhook, maybe this would take an input as the URL to the LinkedIn page you want to scrape.

  • Send that webhook payload to a service like Make, add a module for the scraping service, then a HTTP call to the Glide API to add a row to your database.

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Thank you, yes I’ll look this way.

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