We can't collect personally identifiable information?

Hey, guys.

I’ve read Glide’s Terms of Service and it is there stated that we are permitted to use Glide only if we “don’t collect any personally identifiable information, including full names, physical addresses or e-mail addresses, for commercial purposes”.

I choose to write this here because I think this may be important to a lot of people.

Does this mean we’ll never be able to monetize a social media kind of app?


Wow that is interesting and concerning, would like to know the answer to this

Indeed, me too…

I will ask our lawyers about the intent of this clause. We certainly don’t want to prohibit you from collecting your app users’ information with their consent.


We’re planning to remove this clause in the next day or two.

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Thank you, David.

Could this be avoided by when the users sign in they agree to a generic GDPR policy? and maybe it mentions the app name as the controller of the data?

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Terms updated! This clause has been removed. Thank you for questioning it.