Way to lock/secure fields in a Glide App / Template

We’re building an integration between Glide and IoT components.
We want to allow our users to copy a Glide template and integrate it with our IoT API by just sharing the App’s App-Id & Token.

From there-on the user can customize and build his own IoT apps using Glide.
However to keep the integration functional it’s important the user doesn’t change the names or delete’s fields of synced rows and columns…
Is there a way to secure this?

I didn’t find any, so I suppose not but maybe you have found creative solutions for this.

I don’t believe so. Once they make a copy of the template, they can pretty much do as they like with it.

Perhaps what you could do is make those columns/components that shouldn’t be tampered with really obvious? Name them with a “DON’T DELETE…” prefix or something similar?

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