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Hello Gliders,
I have a timesheet app where users enter their hours. The hourly wage rate is based on titles (Operations Level 1, Operations Level 2) and we increase the hourly rate periodically. A users title can change over time based on promotions and movement within the org. I would like Glide to look up the appropriate hourly rate for the employee based on their current title and date worked. I’m open to suggestions on how to set up the google sheet. The way I’m going about it right now (and am getting stuck with the lookup) is as follows:

  • I have a sheet titled WAGE RATE which has columns for team members name, title, date title was assigned and wage rate
  • I have a sheet titled TIMESHEET where users enter their hours. I would like to have a glide column here that looks up the appropriate wage rate in the WAGE RATE table based on the user’s email and date work was performed
    This is where I’m stuck. I can’t seem to figure out if I need a google formula to look up the rate (not my preferred option) or if there’s a way to get Glide to do this for me (preferred option).
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

Let’s just do that within Glide.

I take it you increase the hourly rate periodically, so using a relation & lookup is not a good choice here, since when you change the “source” data, the old records will be broken.

The best way for me is to record the “current rate” when you write a new record.

  • Users table should include the title of the user, I assume the users are logging the hours themselves.
  • I don’t know why the wage rate table also include the member’s name and title, if they are already users. I think this should just be the title name and the rate that goes with the title.
  • Back to the users table, create a relation using the user’s title name to the title name column in the wage rate table. Do a lookup to return the corresponding rate, so you can see that as the “live rate” of the user.
  • Write that “live rate” to the Timesheet table when users record a new row.

This works perfectly. Thankyou so much for walking me through it.

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