Visibility of a Component based on a different sheet?

That is a far more graceful solution than the one I came up with (as such I will rework the data accordingly), but am I not in the same situation? I can’t make any of those columns user specific.

/edit I could make the email user specific as I don’t need anyone else to have access to it.

Although a lot would break if someone changes their email address, which given the possible length of this project is mildly likely.

/edit 2 Could I not achieve the same thing with the unique user ID instead of the email. It leads me back to the same verification just with 1 less step in the data linking.

Can you elaborate again on what column do you need to be user-specific for this to work?

I am always against people changing their email, it breaks a lot of things in my apps so I just don’t allow them to change at all.

I’m not sure I need anything to be user specific that’s kinda the problem, the uncertainty.

If two people are logged in and go to the same page within a second or so (or however long the data takes to refresh) will the second person see the data from the first. Or does the simple fact I am checking on the logged in user details be enough to make it individual.

I am having a crisis of confidence in what I have done because this is the most important app I have created so far :yum:

/edit Just realised that didn’t really answer the question. In the second image I need the UserCheckup to be user specific. The Submit Evidence button is on a tab that is based off the SKILL sheet, and the Submit Evidence button links to a form that adds data to the LOG sheet.

All of this could be avoided if it was possible to submit data to the SKILL sheet when filling out the evidence form that posts to the LOG sheet. Even if only to tick a favourite box.

an interesting point? but how do you propose passing the DIY’ers telephone number etc at the same time payment is made?`

I haven’t dealt with payments I am afraid, so I am not sure how the buttons work for it. I assume from that comment the compound actions are no good.