Visibility Not Working for Role Setting in Tabs and Component

I set up visibility for a tab and components, but they still appear when I’m not signed in. My form is also connected to a google form, not sure if that is the issue.

I literally have this and one other thing I am trying to figure out before my app is live, not sure why its not working :pensive:

Add condition AND user is signed-in user.

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Yes, I tried adding AND visibility features as well.

Wouldn’t that one just show it to anyone who is signed in? which I do not want.

It will show it to anyone signed in who have the Business Role … Which is what you want isn’t it?

I set the business role visibility, it is not working. I can see the tab even when I am not signed in.

There is also no just ‘user’ is signed in for visibility. You have to pick a column from your sheet to tie to user, I did e-mail address, still doesn’t work.

After testing ‘Role is Business’ on a test app it works, its a copy of the sheet from my real app, so I am thinking it has to do with being connected to Google Forms. @JackVaughan @Mark