Visibility & Choice requests

Hey :wave:t3:

I’d like to you add on Glide some visibility features for:

  • Tabs
  • Search box


Id like to create panels for specific users

Search box

Same as tabs, and to show only when the user has registered yet

I’d like, also, to you add on Glide some features for choices like:

  • Likes / Fav button
  • Add an image (and maybe a detail) for inline choices and checkboxes.

Likes / Fav Button

I know you’re still working on it, but I’d love to count how many likes/fav I have in a specific item.

Image on Choice & Checkboxes

As a inline list, but the user can see what he’s choosing and some details of it

Thanks guys! :grin:


Closing this topic. Bunch of these were already released.