Virtual shopping. lack of resources

Hello community, I have a question.
I am developing an application that would work as a virtual shopping. In other words, several stores would publish within the application, each with a separate shopping cart.
In a principle there will be 25 stores where each one will have their store with a PRO plan. for the volume of sku they have. Is there a way to link them all within one application? I don’t know if it became clear.
If the view web option worked, it could be a solution, but I have tried and it won’t let me open it from the glide.
I await your comments.

If each store has is own glide app, you can create an aggregating app quite simply : in a gsheet, list all store apps, along with their image / logo, name, short description if needed and https link to their app.

You could then display this list of stores using images component, or better, using the inline list component (with your favorite layout).

The store apps will open out of the main app, but as of today there’s no way to link 2 apps without going out of the first app.

I guess the only way you could do this is with the inline list that has an action that links to the stores app URL. UX isn’t ideal as they’ll have to create separate accounts for each store. Take a look at my My Card app…the portfolio tab links out to other apps.

Thank you for your answer, I’ll think about it. Best regards

Robert. Thank you for your time. Look at your app. And what I thought happened. When I go to the. Second app. He’s asking me again. I’d have to be more fluid, since it’s lousy in the first one and I can’t think of how to link it so that doesn’t happen. I’ll keep thinking about it. And I’ll see your ideas. Best regards