View calendar

I have an application in “classic” mode and I want to update it, however, there is a function that is indispensable for my business, which is the calendar by event and time. (I sent an attached photo of the way I currently use it) In the new version, I can’t leave it that way. Is there any way I can do it to be the same as the attachment?

The new Calendar component doesn’t support this view, so I don’t think there’s a good way for you to do it in the new app.

Yes, it’s very sad because I have more than 2 thousand clients who depend on this. I’ll have to look for another platform.

The calendar style list in Classic Apps is nothing more than a collection in New Apps. You can basically do the same thing with a List or Table style collection with some grouping. It won’t look the same unless you heavily modify it with CSS, but it would still function exactly the same. I don’t think your clients would get too worked up about a calendar list that looks a bit different.

This is how my calendar looks in my app.