Is there a plan to add versioning? It now happened twice that I’ve lost all the details of one screen that takes to individual screens and I had to do the work all over again, spent a couple of hours restoring all this. It is unclear why this happened, but it could be related to me changing the tab title. Versioning would help a lot. :woozy_face: :flushed: :blush:


+1 desire for versioning. Because I made a mistake when making some major changes and lost something – I never figured out what I lost – I’ve had spend several nervous hours recreating work that I had done before.

Do you mean saving drafts of your app as you work on it?,are%20improved%2C%20upgraded%20or%20customized.

Not a perfect solution, but occasionally I will make a duplicate of my app, so I at least have a backup to refer to if absolutely needed. A native solution would be better though.

As for my sheet, I have a script that makes a backup copy weekly, so I can restore data if it’s ever lost.


Google sheets have versioning so no need to make a backup copy @Jeff_Hager, that said you can never be too careful :laughing:

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Yes, from time to time the app should take a snap shot of your work and save it. This is pretty common practice in many apps, for example: Word Press, Google docs, Google sheets, etc. If something goes wrong, you can go back to the version that is the closest to where you were before things fall apart @Jen_NYCP

Yeah, I’ve definitely referred to the google sheet version history a few times, but it can be painful to parse through if the sheet has a lot of updates, or background refresh is turned on, which can make a version history ever few minutes. But yes, like you said, can’t be too careful. I like that I can quickly look back at what the sheet looked like for a given week, up to a year and a half ago when I created the sheet and script. And I just feel better knowing there is a separate timestamped copy of the sheet that’s separate from the main sheet if anything ever happens to it. It’s the developer mindset in me. :wink:


Hi @Jeff_Hager,

What is the backup script like?

You can check out this thread.

This is what I use.

OK. I had a version (V1) of my app that worked. I wanted to make some changes, so I created a copy of my app (V2) to make sure I had a saved copy before I started to change things.

Now, I have successfully made the changes and everything works as I want in V2.

How do I cleanup and delete V1? I searched both Glide help as well as Googled “glide delete app” with no clear answers.

Any ideas?