Version number at the top

It would be very interesting (and easy to implement I suppose) to be able to add the version number of the application at the top of the main screens, so that the user knows if there have been changes and what kind of changes.
This number should be able to be linked to a tab that explains what’s new in the application.
It would put this information visible at the top of the application’s screens so that they are visible to users

In my opinion, it would be a better experience to have this as a menu item (use the version # as the tab title and have it linked to the information sheet). Having it at the top of every screen may cause some design issues depending on the type of app and its content.

You could then add a “View Updates” button at the top of the main screen that links to the information sheet.

There is an unused space between the menu icon (left) and the filter icons (right). In the middle (optionally of course) could go this option: that is a text and a link (each one using it as it likes). This is complementary to the fact that you can put it (and in fact I have it) in other places). The idea is to warn users of changes when they open the application.

I agree with @kyleheney

And if you still want a “what’s new” link in the main screen of your app, you could use a relation, linked to the version screen, a kind of “what’s new? >” link, maybe better that a button.


It’s nice…but where?..a new tab?, a new menu item?. I would like to have this info in the upper side of the app…

Have a look at the following sample app, you can copy both the app and the sheet.

You could also make a toggle that they use to signify they have seen the revisions and additions and a button that links them to their home page. The toggle then being a edited column next to their specific name in your list and when they reload the app setup that screen to only display its visibility to those who do not have the toggle set to true :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what I currently do

Thanks Cristophe. I’ll check it

good idea!!