Vassilis from Greece

Hello everyone,
My name is Vassilis and I live in Athens, Greece.
My main job is to sell and implement business software solutions, mainly SAP Business One.
My team also develop some custom apps for customers’ specific needs.
In my opinion, Glide is the best-of-breed no-code platform and I want to use it to create mobile and web apps that will be integrated with SAP Business One in some cases or run independently.

Glide is a great product, congratulations guys! :smiley:


Hello @Vassilis, welcome to our community! Great to have you hear.

Welcome to the family, let us know if you have any questions and we’ll try our best to help!

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Hi @Vassilis, welcome to Glide :wave:

Do you plan on integrating your Glide project (web or mobile app) with SAP Business One? I find this very interesting, what would be your use case?

Hi @nathanaelb,

thank you for reaching out :slight_smile:

We will start creating some apps with regard to sales teams and sales flows, such as the entry of sales quotations, sales order approvals, etc. We will start playing around for a month or two, create some apps for our company, and then we will proceed with productive apps.

The only drawback, according to our research and training so far, is that Glide cannot add or edit things when the mobile is off-line, but we think this will not be an issue in our days.

What is your opinion about Glide? I saw that you have created many apps and many of them are already in the marketplace. I am asking because we are also planning to create some MVPs for some customers with no relation to SAP Business One, so your opinion or advice counts a lot!!!


In offline mode, any data that was previously downloaded to a device will be readable, though syncs with Glide servers will not be possible (since the device is offline). In offline mode, user-generated changes such as creating, updating, and deleting data are not possible (the add and edit symbols will be greyed out). Still, in offline mode, some actions but not all will continue to work, depending on what the action does. For instance, writing data to a table won’t work, but making a phone call through the phone app will.

Regarding MVPs, I worked with a client on developing a SaaS MVP using Glide Pages. It worked quite well. When it comes to the freedom to design in Glide, the UX/UI designer would design in Figma, and then we would transpose the best we could into Glide. This process was at times frustrating for the designer given the design constraints of Glide. The designer came to appreciate these constraints, however, as it forced her to simplify things. Though, Glide is not meant to develop SaaS MVPs :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you very much for the knowledge you share,

Have a great day,

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