Top Rated Seller on Fiverr

Hello Glide community! I am excited to announce that I have recently been promoted to Fiverr’s Top Rated Seller status as a mobile application developer using Glide. I am proud to say that I am the only Glide developer to have achieved this on Fiverr. I have completed over 180 orders and have had the opportunity to work with clients from all over the world to bring their ideas to life using Glide. Thank you to the Glide community for being a constant source of inspiration and knowledge. Let’s continue to create amazing apps together!


Hello Hassan,
Its Vassilis from Greece,
Congratulations on your great achievement!!!
I want to start creating mobile apps using Glide here in Greece and Cyprus. From your experience, is Glide the perfect tool for this? You are using only Glide or if you encounter any barriers, do you utilize other tools like Adalo or FlutterFlow?

Your advice is very valuable because at this time we are at the very beginning, and the choice of the right tool is crucial.

Thank you,


Thank you, Hassan.
I think the only drawbacks are that the mobile app cannot run in offline mode and there is no push notification functionality.
For example, someone creates a new record, and when the internet connection will be up, synchronization takes place.
Maybe in the near future, they will add these features.

Thank you again,
All the best!

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This can be misleading. Two users can not work at the same time in the builder.

Glide Apps can partially run offline.

Do you have any examples you can share?