Values disappearing


App ID: ktopphnbBFSdH5QLUFw1


  • Some of my data is being deleted after performing specific actions. I have triple-checked every single action, and I am not deleting it - it is basically deleting itself. I am happy to share a demonstration live as it is a little tricky to explain via text.

How to replicate

  • This is what happens:
  1. I assign the role “Employee” to one user.
  2. The new user goes through the onboarding pages.
  3. Once the user completes the onboarding, the role value is auto-deleted. (and sometimes even other values)

Happy to show this live if needed. Thanks!

That’s expected. Roles cannot be assigned from the app as a security measure.

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager for clarifying! Do you know why the other values are not being saved either?

You haven’t explained what kinds of other columns values you are referring to, or how your onboarding flow works. So it’s really hard to say. Initial thoughts would be some kind of row ownership issue, or user specific column issue that’s maybe getting thrown out of whack. If roles aren’t working like you think they should, then maybe you are trying to update rows to do not own??? I don’t know.

I have the same issue. User signs up, goes through onboarding and then after a few minutes it refreshes with all values deleted.

I have Airtable as a source, but I feel like it is a different issue.

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Yeah I am actually getting similar errors. I am not using Airtable, though…

Here is something you could test…

Create a new user by signing into your app. Once you add your PIN, check to see if the user appears in your users table.

That is what is not happening for me.

Oddly what happens is, a new user appears in Airtable, but not in Glide.

But despite that the user can continue the application process, but because the user doesn’t exist in Glide their changes are not saved to a Glide record.

Eventually, Airtable sync with Glide and because the record in Airtable doesn’t have updated values, it assumes that it is empty and syncs the empty fields into Glide.

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Has anyone found out about this issue? I noticed that this is happening with me when the action Add Row runs. It creates the row but disappears right after.

Just making sure I understand here…

  • You’re adding a new row to the Users table
  • You start populating the row through onboarding (e.g. filling out a form)
  • As the user onboards, their corresponding row disappears

If you’re connected to Airtable:

  • New user row gets added to your Airtable base
  • New user row disappears from the Glide data editor
  • New user row reappears in Glide when Airtable syncs

So it sounds like the common issue is behaviour of the Users table?

If you’re connected to Airtable:

  • User signs up
  • New user DOES NOT appear in Glide
  • New user DOES appear in Airtable
    ---- User goes through onboarding
  • Airtable syncs record with none of the fields populated back into Glide

It’s like Glide waits for the record to appear in Airtable before recognizing it as a user in Glide. So any progress or changes a user makes is not saved until Glide recognizes the new user (usually after an Airtable sync)

Also this is a more recent issue: It worked fine before 15/02/24 - since then it has been a consistent issue.


Thanks @Connor_Finlayson! I’ve escalated this to the team.

Update: The team’s investigating. Will update this thread when we have more details. :pray:


Hi Andy, I noticed that I may have a similar problem with Glide tables only. My Add Row works normally to create a new row, and then, seconds later, it disappears from the table (Chat History, in my case).

I posted a video on my other post (Chat Openai) if you need it.


@Gabriela_Tussolini - thanks! Linking here for posterity:

@Mauricio_Gonzalez - Are you using the Add Row action as well?

Ya no, legit. Major issue with Glide tables. Deleting data at random and super slow. Video here. What is going on??

This is just a shot in the dark, but does anything change if you add RowID columns to those tables?

Which plan are you on. Is it a legacy free plan or a new free plan?

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I did this. To test where things were breaking, I added the Row ID as user text to the first screen they land on when they sign up. I did this to see if the user row was actually being created in Glide.

When a user signs up, it does appear, however the record cannot be found in Glide user table (searching for the row id or email)

Again, I think the issue is pretty simple: a user row is not created in Glide on signup (I don’t even think this is in Airtable source specific issue). If edit a user-specifc field, it will all be deleted on refresh. I can replicate this issue with different email addresses and on different browsers.

Can you provide a video demonstrating your test?

I have provided the video to support, but I can’t in public because there is a lot user data that can be seen in my Glide and Airtable tables.

Thanks for sending that over.

I’ve shared this thread (and a few others) with the team, along with affected app IDs. We have an open ticket and the devs are working on it.

Speaking of which…

@HouseHippo - What’s your Team ID and App ID?

Your Team ID is in the URL of your Glide dashboard, e.g.

Your App ID is in the URL of the Glide builder, e.g.