UX improvement

There is, I believe, a good improvement to be made to the UX in the GDE.

When you select a component that you had already added, and you want to make changes to it like changing visibility settings, filters etc… as soon as you have finished the first changes, (actually only one because we do them one by one to check that it works as we want), the component is unselected and on the right are the layout parameters that appear. When there are several components, and some have almost the same parameters, you have to find the component you were working on to continue the modifications.
If, in addition, we work on several components at the same time that will have the same parameter modifications, we get confused and break the workflow.
The solution I propose would be to keep selected the component we are working on, and let the user unselect it (by clicking on the GDE or clicking on it).

Can you share some screenshots also to complement your idea for a better understanding?

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I’d like to see the right hand side of the GDE be ‘sticky’ when clicking through different components.

For example if we select ‘options’ on one component and then select another component, the newly selected component defaults back to general.

The correct behavior should be like clicking through different tabs. ‘Options’ are sticky on right hand side with tabs.

Maybe I am missing something but there’s probably a version of this that works.


+1 for this.

(Of course, if we had component grouping, then this would be moot. Just sayin`…)



@Eric_Penn explained it better than l did :yum:

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