Using standard Forms with Order/Line item functionality

Hi everyone, I have previously built a system to manage our sales orders by using a custom form and a helper table to take care of the order/line item creation. It works really well and now I will add a system for handling Purchase Orders as well. This time, I don’t need all the custom functionality that comes with a Custom Form, so i was hoping to use the Glide standard forms to save on the number Edit updates needed.

For some reason I can not figure out how to build it in a way that would work. What I need is a way to create a new Purchase Order and then be able to add different line items to this order and also set the qty for each of them. How would you build something like this without using a custom form and helper tables?

I am thinking I can set a UUID in a column in the user table when I click “Create new purchase order”, then open the Form screen. I would use this then UUID to build relations between orders and Line items. But how would I set up the Form Screens? Do I need to create an order before trying to add Line items? Or can I just add a custom collection to the Order Form screen with a “Add new” button that would add the Line items to the Order, and then the Order is created when I click “Submit” on the Form screen?

Sorry, for the confusion :upside_down_face: Does anyone understand what I am trying to do and could someone please point me in the right direction or give some general idea on how you usually build similar processes?

Thank you very much for your help :pray: :pray:

This is the correct take. Then inside the form for “Purchase Order”, add a form button to add line items, and reference the UUID you have set in the user profiles table when you create a new line item.

Show the list of itmes you have added inside the “Purchase Order” form as well.

On entry to the form, check if the UUID from your user profiles table is empty or not. If empty, set a new one. If not, just proceed to the form.

Once you submit the form, clear the UUID for the next iteration.


Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face: I am trying to build this out but I am still struggling to understand this part:

Show the list of itmes you have added inside the “Purchase Order” form as well.

How can I do that before the actual Purchase Order row has been created? I assume I write the UUID to the Purchase Order row on “Submit” of the Purchase Order form? But then there would be no relation to the Line items before that :thinking:

Thank you very much for taking the time to help me :pray: