Possible to make create line items directly via a form?

I’m playing around with Glide and trying to make tracking device for my wife’s ceramics business.

Currently she just uses an Airtable form for her staff to log what they have been doing each day.
However one of the really annoying things by doing it this way is her staff can’t log multiple items in one go.

FX say she has a record that is called [todays date + maker name]. That record is automatically generated with an automation in Airtable. But then each helper has to select first the [todays date + maker name] record, then select a piece of ceramic, then how many then submit and how long that took to make and then submit. They then have to loop over this task everything they did that day has been logged.

Is it instead possible in Glide to add one record and then create and add multiple records to that record via a form, without first having to create the line items somewhere else separately?

So I believe the data still resides in two separate tables? One for the “day log” (todays date + maker name) and one for the “ceramic log”. Each “day log” can contain multiple “ceramic logs”?

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Yes two separate tables as below.

I think the problem is the “day log” record is not yet created when I want to create the connecting task records hence not able to make a relationship?

If so is there a way around this?

You say here that the “today log” row is created with an automation. Can you explain more on the problem that the “day log” record is not yet created? I assume you want to run the automation at midnight?

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Sorry a bit confusing, yes it used to be done that way, but I want the user to create their own log instead. However I think I might have found a solution after following a tutorial on Udemy… Will come back if it does not work.

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So I assume you don’t want to populate your tables with too many rows that don’t actually connect with any logs?