Using Choice component and filters for postal address

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I am working on a project where I use Choice components, filters and visible conditions to help users add postal addresses for new contacts. The addresses are in Thailand, which means that they consist of Province - District - Sub District - Postal Code

The way I have it set up currently is that when you’ve picked the province, a new choice component shows up giving you the option to choose from all Districts in that Province. When you picked a district, you get a third choice component giving you the options for all sub-districts in that district etc. This is all based on a Glide Table listing all the sub-districts in the country.

This all works perfectly, BUT, Thailand has over 7000 sub-districts so the table eats up a lot of Rows. Is there any workaround for this? I have not yet found a good address autocomplete service for Thailand.

Thanks for your help!

Unless you find a way to pull a dynamic list of sub-districts from an API based on the chosen province and district, I don’t think there’s another way.

Have you tried the Google Maps integration though? If you have the province and district maybe it can complete the address for you with the right sub-district and postal code? Radar also provides that.

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Thanks for this! No I have not tried the Google Maps integration or Radar. Is there any documentation or forum posts on how I could implement this? Many thanks,

I don’t think there’s a doc for Google Maps, but you can always add that in the Integrations and try it out.


Sorry for the very late reply. Thanks so much for this, it seems like the adress completion for Google Maps is not working great with Thai postal addresses. I will have a look and see if I can find another solution. I am sure there is some similar service to Radar and Google Maps available here locally, hopefully they have an API to that I can use with Glide. Thanks again!

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