Using Buy Button for booking on calendar

Is there a way to show that something that was purchased is now unavailable for the next person to Buy? It seems like Strip can easily accept the payment but how to now mark the item in the listing as nto available? Think of it as a booking calendar type purchase.

I have a booking calendar demo here:

Would this meet your needs if it had a buy button?

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I think you would need to create another sheet that will duplicate the App: Sales sheet. Then create a relation from the products to that new sheet. Then you can create a rollup to count the number of items sold and subtract it from your inventory for that item using a math column. You can then set visibility or filtering based on that math column. The only problem is you will possibly have a few minute delay in all of this updating because once the item is purchased, it is written to the App: Sales sheet, then the new sheet is updated, then it needs to sync back up to Glide before the inventory count is updated.