Setting Ticket Counter Options

Hey everyone. I am trying to figure out the best way to use the buy now button for tickets. There is only a set amount of tickets so what is the best way to have an area that has something like “10 seats remaining” in which it’s automatically calculated when someone purchases a seat?

In the buy form sheet, add a rollup column that will summarize the transactions by count. Then have a math column that subtracts the count from the total (this could also be in a total column somewhere). Then, you can set visibility to be shown only if this math column is greater than 0.

I have similar functionality in my itemstore app: You’ll see that if you purchase an item, the total item count is deducted in the store. Likewise, when you buy an item, your remaining inventory slots get filled up (you only have 9 max).


Thank you so much. Ill try that way.