Using AI to Generate A Scope Of Work From Multiple Scopes

Tricky Idea, let me pick your brains for possibilities…

My employees use the app to clockin/clockout and they include a scope of work…

I also track backend, so if 5 employees clock in to job #1 for 5 hours, it shows me 25 Hours Total towards job #1.

how can i use AI, to read each employees scope of work for this assigned job #1 from each 5 employees, and auto-generate an overall scope description.

Is this a possibility?

You already have their times logged in the backend, and ideally their logs should be on their own rows right?

If so, I think you can just use relations + joined list/JSON to provide the info to a PDF template using PDFMonkey/DocsAutomator if that’s what you need for the scope?

Could you define what you mean by scope of work? Said differently, coud you give an example of the form that employees submit?