Users Removing Themselves from Task

I’m loving the new Multi-User assigning to tasks, however, i’m trying to find a solution where the individual assigned users can remove themselves from a task, or “Reject” an assignment. How do I remove one email from the CSV formatted text field that the multi-user select field created?

I’d imagine that you should be able to use the Remove Element array plugin for this.

So would I convert the column that has the emails in it to a Remove Element column? Sorry I havn’t ever used plugins before.

I’m just winging it here, but I’d imagine something like:

  • Create an Array->Remove Element column, that takes the current joined list of emails as the values, and the signed in users email address as the element to remove
  • Present your user with a “Remove me from list” button, or similar
  • Attach an action that does a Set Column Values, replacing the current joined list with the result of the Array->Remove Element column.

I had to make a Split text column, and use the remove value on that, but it worked great! thanks Darren.

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