Users delete own post

Is it possible to do so when a user submits something on glide pages, they can delete their own “post” they just submitted.

If so, how would you do this?

If you are referring to the built-in chat feature, users cannot delete their posts.

If you are referring to the details screen of a row, first you must enable ‘edit’


And then on the edit screen, you can allow them to delete. I always add conditions on when they can edit and delete. They can only edit items they entered, and they can only delete items they entered.


Thanks, but what component do you use to be able to have the edit function and that?

It is available on the detail screen of an item. So if you are in a list, and select an item, that should be in the options (per the screen shots above).

Great now managed that!

What kind of filter can I use to make the “edit” button only visible for the original post creator.

OH, Looks like it works differently on pages. I’ve done mostly Apps and just a landing page in pages.

I’ll have to refer to the documentation on pages; hopefully, a page expert will step in.

Ok, I downloaded one of the Glide Page templates;


and I found on the “Title” component the actions to delete and modify.

Say you have an “Owner” column with the user’s email/ID, you can show a button with an action like this when “Owner is signed-in user’s email/ID”.

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I am creating two collection from the same component one with edit action to be shown only when current user email equal user profile email.
The second component without edit action and shown when any other user log in.

Is anyone able to make a step-for-step on Glide Pages on how to do this? Only make the edit option able for the original creator of the post.

It is a bit confusing so far. As I manage to add the button and action, but the conditions are not as simple, as I try to make it so only the original creator can view the button under each detail screen.

What do you have so far? Please provide us with some screenshots.

Maybe this video will help you! :

Thank you

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Thanks for this great tutorial! I followed it, but when the email is put in “Added by” the rel function returns (?) in the field?

What a relation column shows is irrelevant. As long as you see something, then you know the relation found a matching row in the table you are relating to. It’s likely that whichever column it chose to show, indicating a related row was found, couldn’t be rendered for whatever reason. It does not change the fact that the relation worked.


Thanks, yeah it worked!

Is there a way to make the “legg ut annonse” which means publish your ad, only available to signed-in users? Like users with a user account, I need their email to be able to have the edit functions.