Users can’t access to the app

Hi gliders,

Icreated a menu restaurant app that customers can have access thanks to a QR code.

The very first restaurant ready to use the app wanted to try its online menu last night but, every customers of the restaurant can’t access to the webapp.
Once customer scan the QR code, there is a white page. They can’t even see the “made by glide” loader so they can’t see the menu. :cold_sweat:
Unfortunately, I can’t share a screenshoot.

But when I tried and I could access the menu scanning the QR code…

I need help urgently! Please :pray:t4:

Can you share either the URL for the App or the QR code image, so that we can try it?

I added the link on the post

That works okay for me both on mobile and desktop.

But you said that you were sharing the App via a QR Code. It’s possible that the QR Code is directing users elsewhere. Are you able to share the code, or a screenshot of it?

How did you generate the code?

Ok ! It’s the same link, i checked it many times.
As a matter of fact, this problem of connection is happening with other app i created, even not using a QR Code.

It seems to happen when I add the app’ icon on my phone home page

So do you mean the URL is not accessible if you “install it”?

I can also access your original link normally.

The URL is accessible. But when I click on the app’s icon, the app is supposed to load but there is a a white screen and I have to repeat the operation several times

Unfortunately I can’t reproduce that behaviour. I installed your app on iOS and can load the installed app normally.

What specific type of devices did your clients experience the supposed bug?

iPhone 14.
But I’m facing the same loading issue with my Phone (iPhone 11)

Did you add it to your Home Screen, then change the link?

No ! I added the icon to the Home Screen well after. I have the same issue with every apps I create. Once I publish an app, I’m not changing the link.