User Roles Update!

So today I Noticed a new red warning different than the one we had before which said up to 9 roles previously

My questions are

  • What does up to 9 roles mean? Is it the amount of Column that will create an array column for the users ? Or is the 9 Roles means Admin,Super Admin, User, etc… ?
  • With this new update does that mean the 9 Roles limit is removed?
  • Is there a better way to manage the User’s Roles? rather than the Array columns because sometimes glide messes up with the array column although they are written very precices and organized check the below

Thank you

FYI, users with roles have always been counted as Private Users, they are just now available to sign into Public apps. These users are only counted if they actually sign in, just like how we count Public or other Private users.

Yes, up to 9 roles means, if you use an Array column for Role, it cannot have more than 9 roles per user (e.g. Admin, Super Admin, Sub Admin, Super Duper Admin, Boss, Owner, etc.)

We do this because Roles are most often used for Administrator users.


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