Limit to number of items in a Role array?

According to the Glide Builder there is a warning that a user can have only 9 roles. I am assuming my Role Array can only be labeled from 1-9. I currently have 25 ‘roles’ [Role 1, Role 2…Role 25 built in Google Sheets] but only 10 are active. All 10 show up in the Users profile and seem to work in regards to data access restrictions. I am about to add another dozen or so and I wondered if this is a hard limit or a soft limit?

I am using roles as a means of implementing a 5-level deep hierarchy of personal where at the root level they have access to all the data and at the leaf level only their own data. I am ‘flattening’ the tree and using Roles to control data access. I use filters to them show the right data at the right level with access to only data they should be able to view. An end-user (with correct roles) can view data ‘up and down’ the tree depending on access.

So far it works for a 3 level hierarchy but I am moving to 5 levels for the next test which adds another dozen named roles. It works for 10, will it work for 25 (or 30)?


Probably a question for @Mark or @Jason

The limit of 9 roles is a hard limit, and has technical reasons.


Thanks for the reply, Any thoughts on how to model/implement within Glide secure access (only download the rows you have access to) to data within a standard personnel hierarchy?

Example: CEO has 4 direct reports, VP of Sales has 5 direct reports, etc. CEO can see everything, VP of Sales can only sees sales data and not engineering data.

A ‘manager’ can only see their data and anyone who reports into them. APAC-Sales could not see EMEA-Sales nor US-Sales. Central-US can not see Eastern-US but can see all their direct reports, etc.

This example would have ‘29 roles’ in a flattened hierarchy.

VP Engineering
VP Sales
Director, Inside Sales
Director of Field Engineering
Eastern US
NorthEast, NY/NJ, MidAtlantic, Carolinas,FLGA
Central US
GreatLakes, Praire, TOLA, Mo/Tn
Western US
Pacific Northwest, NorCal, SoCal, Rockies, Desert
VP Marketing
VP Support


Mark - I noticed the role ‘warning’ has changed. It now says “Users with roles assigned will count as Private Users” instead of “Each user can have up to 9 roles”

Did this limit change?



No, the limit has not changed.