User has to restart app to change page in app

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Hi, some of my user has commented that they cannot change page without restarting the app. Why is this? Do I have too many rows or high resolution pictures? Thanks :pray:

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Hi, just tested your app. Working fine on both web browser and iphone (don’t have Android, so could not test).

Regardless of whether your app is pro/not pro, high resolution pictures should have no impact on anything. You also don’t have too many rows. If more than 500/25000 (should still start with a warning message that you have exceeded your allocated rows, whether pro/non-pro.

This might be a temporary aberration.

One thing I noticed though when trying to sign up (a page called “Min Profil”) that the text entry fields were disabled. Did you disable the fields on purpose by subjecting activation of fields to other preconditions being satisfied? If yes, fine. Or maybe I am not understanding something due to the language barrier.

Hmm your map is not working for sure. This issue has already been addressed in this forum. Let me see if i can find the thread for you.

Thank you.

Thanks! Yes, the profile is set up on the homescreen so this will only show if they didn’t complete on home screen. Was there a fix for the map issue?

Hmm but does that fix the fact that the current location zoom in does not work? Will try this method - however looks very difficult but maybe it’s not that hard? Not a tech person :see_no_evil:

I have 3 problems with the map: Problems with map - current location and filtering based on type of location

Just follow the instructions in the articles cited. But this should not be happening anyway. You mean Zoom in does not work at all? Let me check it out again.

Okay ignore the scipts (we save them for a rainy day). Your zoom is working…and all pins are showing correctly. But I think I know what’s happened. Few seconds please.

Lets fix the map first and then we will fix the filter. On what layout is your map screen, map style or details style?

I am sure its Map style…it is just zoomed out…that’s all. As you zoom in you can see everything.

If you want the following:

Zoom near
Zoom medium
Zoom far

You will have to change the style to details and then use the map component.

Q1. Before i had a filter where you could filter out what type of place you were looking for. This one has disappeared. How do I add this back? NEED MORE INFORMATION ON THIS.
Q2. When setting up a profile I have added a switch so they can include their current profile. However if not cehecked the first time this cannot be switched on later. SET THIS TO REQUIRED - Don’t use a boolean. Use a checkbox and set it to required.