User and password

can you show me how to make it on glideapp with screenshot?

I’ve tried to follow it but I’m still confused where to put it and what components to use. I’m new to this, can you help me with screenshots. I really appreciate it

To be honest I don’t really recommend this approach anymore since your password might be vulnerable to people who know how to access things from the browser’s console. What is your specific use case?

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I would never recommend creating your own user authentication with glide. I would only use what glide provides for you. Trying to make your own is not secure and anybody could find the username and passwords of all of your users in less than 2 minutes. It’s not worth putting your users at risk, especially if they falsely believe that it’s secure.

I never recommend it because a user could be using that same username and/or password for other websites and by making your own version of authentication, you just exposed all of your users.


it’s okay, I use it only for users who have access to the link, can you help me how to make it, like your application buffalo burger

That’s @Lucas_Pires’ app not mine.

If you only allow some users with access to the link then why do you still need a password?

I just want to know how to make something like this, like this app. can you tell me how

I just want to know how to make something like this, like this app. can you tell me how

I would feel better knowing your use case a little more, and why you need to protect certain list items. Maybe there is a better way to approach this. When it comes to security, I can’t in good conscience help with something that is not secure, with very weak protection, or tries to overcome the built in security that glide already provides more securely.

Would this be a password that you create and share, or is it a password that each user would create themselves? I wouldn’t feel comfortable allowing the user to create passwords, unless it was explicitly clear to them that it is not secure, stored in plain text, and very very easy to hack.

If your app is Public or Public with Email, instead of Private, anybody can sign in, and people with enough technical knowledge can snoop all of the data (including the passwords and the data behind the password). You may not be sharing the link, but you can’t prevent others from sharing the link or from the link possibly showing up in a google search or elsewhere on the web. Then you would have people you don’t know or trust that are checking out the app.

I would also recommend reading through this documentation: